Our Story

Relax, Refresh, Reconnect….

Don’t You Deserve To Be Pampered and Delighted In A Country Mansion? We think you do! And that is a core principle of our Mission Statement – “To Surprise and Delight Every Guest” You will feel all of your stress and worries of the everyday world slip away when you walk in the front door of the Claremont Inn & Winery. It is a place like none other… at first you are taken in by the towering Palladian windows and soaring ceilings but soon you begin to feel the warmth and joy waiting for you at every turn.

In this untrusting world we live in there has never been a more important time to have a place you can go, that you can trust to be your ultimate escape. After even just one visit you will be calling the Claremont Inn & Winery your “vacation home in the country”. THE GREAT HALL WITH A SUNSET SKY From the moment you are greeted on your arrival by one of our Guest Experience Specialists you will know this is going to be a memorable occasion. “Isn’t it time you started taking care of yourself?” Relax… Where can you go to really relax and unwind? Just pick your date and which of our 10 luxurious guest rooms is right for you and we will do all of the rest…a hosted wine tasting, a delicious Chef’s Menu dinner, maybe a movie in the Claremont Theatre Room or a walk around the grounds after dinner… it’s all about you! Breakfast in Bed? If you like you can have it delivered to your door or you can join the other guests in the Great Hall for our delightful Country Inn Breakfast each morning of your stay. Refresh… maybe a quiet weekend of reading and watching old movies is just the plan you need to come home totally refreshed. Or perhaps, trying something new and challenging is what you need to achieve a total refresh… playing a character in a Murder Mystery is sure to be a memorable experience or spending an afternoon in the Claremont Kitchen at a Cooking Class learning new chef’s tips and techniques to take home and wow your guests… Reconnect… what couple does not need to take time for this? Work, kids, parents, tv, internet, texts, phone calls – the list goes on and on. We are always so busy… but sometimes don’t you stop and wonder why? What am I really doing? So just imagine… you are taking a leisurely drive in the country – just the two of you… No traffic, just the incredible views of the wide open spaces of the American High Plains – just the two of you… Maybe you will even turn off your phones and turn on some mellow music – just the two of you… And soon – before you know it you will have arrived at your very own “vacation home in the country” ready for an unforgettable experience… just the two of you! “Where Moments become Memories…”

About the food…

It all starts with the best ingredients… We are lucky to be supplied by one of the best restaurant suppliers in Colorado. Each week they deliver fresh organic produce and specialty foods to help us stock our pantry and coolers with the best of the best. Whether it is English cheddars, real Roquefort cheese or our Italian favorite – Parmigiana Reggiano cheese— there is always something delicious to taste at the Claremont Inn and Winery! You will appreciate the attention to detail as you savor each delicious bite! We are pleased to feature Choice and Prime cuts of beef locally raised by our friends right here in Stratton – the La Vaca Meat Company. If beef is your thing – you’re going to love these incredible cuts. Dinner at the inn and winery is a three-course affair. Each dinner starts off with a composed salad of the season or soup and sometimes both. The entrées usually feature a generous cut of La Vaca beef or Colorado raised pork, a potato side dish and a fresh vegetable of the season. Every day we serve freshly baked focaccia bread to accompany your dinner. And each meal ends with one of our house specialty desserts – such as Raspberry Tiramisu, Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake or Tres Leches Cake topped with fresh strawberries in a Grand Marnier glaze. Too full for dessert? Take it to go – what’s better than a decadent late night snack or better yet – take it to the movie theatre to enjoy while you watch a classic flick! The fun thing about dining at the winery is everyone gets to enjoy their favorite wine with dinner. Wine is served by the glass so no big discussions about selecting a bottle to please everyone at the table are required. After dinner is a great time to sip one of the Claremont Winery’s sherries, port wines, or one of our chilled ice wines. The good things just keep coming at breakfast time… Freshly baked croissants or chocolate almond banana crumb cake and fresh fruit of the season start off our breakfasts. And then comes the big plate with one of our house specialty French toasts – raspberry and mascarpone cheese stuffed toasts, baked caramel French toast bread pudding topped with fresh banana slices or maybe a mixed berry French toast bake topped with real maple syrup. Chicken apple sausage or crispy smoked bacon and one of our many different egg dishes complete your breakfast dining experience. You will be ready to take on the day and leave with a plan to return… Special dietary requests? Just let us know – we have gluten -free and lactose-free menus available with advance notice. Please let us know when making your reservation of any special requirements. Excited about all this great cooking and want to plan your own menu for a special event or dinner? Nobody loves a party more than we do – so don’t be bashful—give us a call and we will help you plan a one-of-a-kind not to be forgotten event.

About the wine….

In 2012 after about two years of research and study we decided to launch our own hand-crafted small batch winery. After much research and wrangling the state, federal and local government rules and regulations we became a legal winery in October of 2012. Our first wines were sampled in November and by December we had released about a dozen different wines

Our wines are made in 30 bottle batches right here on the property. The grapes – juice and skins called “must” – are delivered to us from points around the globe. We have wines made from grapes imported from Australia, France, Italy and South America as well as many varietals from grapes grown in the US. Fermenting, filtering and finishing all happen in the winery. The wine is then bottled and labeled. Reds and Whites – our varietal wines are made with both imported and domestic grapes. Licensing laws require that if the grapes come from outside the U.S. we cannot call them by their varietal names but must use fanciful marketing names. For example, Romeo is our version of a French Pinot Noir, Marlyn a French Merlot or Roman Spa Nectar an Italian Chianti. Some of our most popular selling wines are the blends. In the whites – Starry Sky, Tres Blancas and Alice… in the reds – Colorado Red, Trilogy and Duo to name a few. Ports, Sherry and Ice Wines – all of these are great after dinner sipping wines. Our ports are made with late harvest grapes. These grapes are high in sugar content making the port wines naturally higher in alcohol content. We do not infuse our ports with Brandy, however, we do infuse them with chocolate and fruit flavors for a unique and delicious experience. Your taste buds will be dancing when you sample some of these ports – chocolate raspberry, black forest cherry, caramel or coffee… Port wines are usually served at room temperature. Ice wines are made from grapes that have been allowed to freeze on the vine. The freezing increases the sugar content in these late harvest grapes and creates a higher alcohol wine with a zesty finish. Ice wines are best served chilled. Fruit Infused Wine – these wines are made with varietal grapes, then after fermenting are infused with fruit making for a sweeter, lighter wine. These “fruit wines” as we call them are especially popular with people just becoming acquainted with wine. It’s a great way to experience different grapes with different tastes in a slightly sweet wine. The fruit wines are always served chilled and are perfect for a hot summer day or to be served with spicy foods.